Welcome to the TMS Center of Nebraska, LLC. The TMS Center of Nebraska was established for the treatment of major depression using the FDA approved TMS Therapy System.

Under the direction of Jeffrey Coffman, M.D. and Dianna Clyne, M.D., our trained and caring staff members will be beside you throughout the safe, effective, and non-invasive therapy. TMS often alleviates depressive symptoms that haven’t responded to prior treatment with antidepressant medications.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a new FDA approved procedure for treatment resistant depression. Research studies have shown that TMS often improves or resolves symptoms in depression that have had limited or no response to treatment with medication. Because TMS acts focally on the brain it does not have the systemic side effects associated with antidepressants.

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Zapping Chronic Depression

Imagine depression so debilitating and long-lasting, it literally shuts down a person's life, ruining relationships....

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Magnets Relieve Depression

Major depression is the fourth leading cause of world disability, affecting more than 19 million American adults every year. Treatment is available...

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Magnets Relieve Depression

Transcrancial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy," also known as TMS. It was recently approved by the FDA and now available...

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We offer our patients flexible hours to accomodate their busy and demanding lifestyles. Please call our office at (402) 476-7557 to schedule an appointment.